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My Great South Custom Gamecalls

Created By David Amond

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My Great South Custom Gamecalls

Custom Made Collectibles

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All About My Great South Custom Gamecalls

What We’re All About

My childhood neighbor had a garage sale where I found a lathe that probably helped build the Mayflower.  This thing was a relic!  If OSHA knew this thing existed, they would shut me down.  Anyway, it sat in my shop for about 20 years, collecting dust.  I never even tried to run it.  With 2020 being the way it was, I found myself looking for a hobby around the house to get out of my wife's hair.  I oiled up the beast, and got it to run. 

I have been collecting duck calls since I was old enough to hunt, and have always been intrigued by the different styles and the beauty in the craftsmanship.  I decided to start making my own.  Turns out, people liked my work, and I decided to make this hobby into a business where I could share my artwork with everyone.

Each one of these calls is one-of-a-kind.  Each one has its own personality and unique character.

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Woodworking 101

I enjoy working with multiple species of wood.  I try to find unique slabs to work.  I rarely use stains, as I think the natural wood is the most elegant.

The shape comes to me as I turn the piece.  I am never quite sure how one will come out when I start.  I continue to work on it until I believe its shape is right for the wood grain and size of the piece.

Once the piece is turned, I treat the wood with clear water sealer inside and out.  Then, based on what the wood looks like, I select a variety of finishes.  I'm particularly fond of Cyanoacrylate for a resilient, hard, clear finish.  This product is essentially "Super Glue" or some call it "CA Glue"  It takes extra time to polish, but the end product is extremely hard and resistant to damage from being carried around in a game bag.

I mostly use reed insert kits selected for their tone and durability.  The great thing about these calls, is that if you like how your current call sounds, you can just place your reed set in this unit.

Every one of these pieces is unique, and each has a story.  I describe each one on the products page.

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Contact Us

Have questions about My Great South Custom Gamecalls, or interested in joining? Please reach out — we’re happy to help.


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